'Luxus' Brush Set

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Introducing Clarcias' 'Luxus’ makeup brush set, the ultimate and complete kit for any professional or beginner makeup artist! This set can be used for wet or dry makeup products as it absorbs fewer liquids, creams, and products while offering great application. With high-quality bristles and handles, this luxury set gives off vibes of fun holidays and summer relaxation.

Easy to carry with no bristle fading, shedding or odour, this 20 piece kit will craft a simple/natural look or the perfect glam with a professional finish! Admire the ombre blue bristles while inspecting the intricate iridescence inside the handle. 

Overall, this brush is guaranteed to satisfy your fantasies while providing a high-quality effortless application.

  • 20 Piece Brush Set
  • Contour, Eyeshadow, Powder, and Foundation Brushes + More
  • Ultra-soft Bristles
  • Safe for Sensitive Skin
  • Multifunctional
  • Durable Handles