Clarcias, a cosmetics brand operating for more than 2 years. Our mission is to offer affordable & high-quality products to be used by all. Our 3 collections simplify the option of choosing and make the shopping experience a relaxed one with FREE shipping and a 'Money Back Guarantee' policy! Since our inception in late 2017, we have expanded rapidly with thousands of happy and satisfied customers. Learn more in our About page, located in the top bar.
Clarika, which is similar to Clarcias, is a genus within the flowering plant family Onagraceae. This purple flower radiates purity and charm, reflecting the brand Clarcias. Clarcias is pronounced as ‘Klar-Sias’
All our products are 100% safe and ready to use. They are all FDA approved, legally safe, and amazing for your teeth and skin. Our Charcoal powder range has the highest quality food grade allowed.
The charcoal powder sets have been tested to show effective results. The activated charcoal absorbs all the impurities on your teeth and helps to lessen plaque. The kits use whitening gel to whiten your teeth with the help of the UV light speeding the process up.
Clarcias, an Australian brand providing beauty worldwide. We ship internationally to over 20 countries! Our headquarters are based in Melbourne, Australia with warehouses dotted all over the USA.
Order cancellations are accepted. Please email us at info@clarcias.com and we'll process the cancellation if compliant with our policy.
All orders are shipped ASAP. You may use the 'Track Order' feature on our website to check for shipping updates. This option is located on the top menu bar. Please also double check your email for shipping notification; junk folder (in case). You may opt-in for SMS updates if you'd like; email us with your order number at info@clarcias.com.
You may see a “Could Not Find” error message and this is due to shipping updates. As your order may have been recently updated, it may take a little while for the tracking number to be refreshed. Please check back within 1-3 business day.
Usual delivery times take approximately 1 week internationally. However, due to the current pandemic, shipping times have slowed down a little bit. Not to worry, our team is working around the clock fulfilling orders and making sure they're shipped ASAP :)