Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

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😍 Easily Clean Your Clarcias Brushes 😍


The chore of brush cleaning has finally been given a long-awaited makeover. Clarcias' Express Brush Cleaning Mat sits snugly into most sinks boasting a large surface for an ultra-convenient cleaning experience. Designed with seven different textured surfaces in order to deep clean varying types of brushes, the mat is sure to become the only brush cleaning companion you rely on. Suction cups on the underside of the matt also ensure secure placement.
  • Once you've grabbed your Clarcias' brushes, place your mat firmly in the sink
    • Run the tap at a very low pace and begin to apply small amounts of soap of preferred brush cleaning solution.
      • In circular motions rub your brushes under the water and around on the mat's surface. You will start to see product build-up fall off. Enjoy your clean brushes